Start From Here Concert

Ian Sin “Start From Here Concert”

Date: May 7, 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 16: 00 ~ 17: 30

Venue: Macau Design Centre – Travessa da Fabrica N0. 5, Macau

Performers: Phineas Cheong, Catalyser

* Free admission, free drinks and snacks

After a series of dark songs, on May 7, 2017, “Start From Here” was released to wash away the depression for the audience.

Macao is a small town full of history, the blend of Chinese and Western cultures in gastronomy, language, architecture, culture and arts have created its very own unique characteristics. The concert will be held during the evening of the weekend with the aid of twilight colors to create a warm feeling to the concert and bring out encouragement. The local brand “Catalyser” joined Iansin for the performance, and local singer Phineas Cheong was invited to bring a series of song performances for everyone to enjoy.