“Discovering Manuel Vicente”: An Architectural Exhibition.

DOCOMOMO Macau and  Macau Design Center present “Discovering Manuel Vicente”: An Architectural Exhibition.

Throughout four decades, the intervention of Architect Manuel Vicente has had an extensive contribution to the reflection on the city in Macau, both at the level of Architecture, Urbanism and the role of the Architect in responding to the constant challenges of a changing society.

The dimension of his intervention, which is both material and immaterial, hasn’t been fully explored and understood.

The exhibition intends to raise that reflection and debate on the contribution of the Master`s thinking to the sphere of Civic Intervention, Urbanism and Architecture.

Organiser: Docomomo Macau

Co-organiser: Macau Design Centre

Sponsors: Instituto Cultural and Fundação Macau

Website: www.docomomomacau.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Docomomo-Macau/1564999643766028

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