The Virtual Office in Macau Design Centre provides service to the free-lancer, enterprise and design student who work for cultural and creative industries. Applicant can apply by a company or individually. The Virtual Office provides the license to use its address, incoming mail handling with email or phone notification, reception service, discount rate to rent other venues in MDC, free use of meeting room monthly (max 3hrs).

*Application forms on website “Download” tab (Upper right)

Rental Fee: MOP200/ month

We host various design books, magazines and informational material at the MDC store for the public. It is especially interesting for art and design enthusiasts who are looking to find some inspiration. The books from our library are also for sale, where you can buy it to expand your collection.

Visits to the Macau Design Centre can be booked by email or by phone. The tour can provide detailed information about our studios, services, and the design brands we showcase here.

The Macau Design Centre has extensive experience in hosting various types of events, such as concerts, exhibitions, parties, seminars, conferences, workshops, product launches, among many other things. The facilities at MDC are versatile and design conscious, providing AV systems and great space to host an event.

  • Local Design Services
  • Networking
  • Promotion
  • Design Consultant