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Aerial Classes Tutor — Natasha

Born in Poland, graduated at National Ballet School in Poznan, Poland. Founder of Aerial Arts Association Macao. Over 10 years experience as a professional dancer across the word. Completed summer intensive ballet teachers course “2014 Vaganova Classical Dance Methodology” at Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg which is the best school in Russia and in the top five schools in the world. Natasha stays in Macau for 7 years, she has met a lot of inspiring people who gave her the idea of opening her own school. Now she gives dance and aerial arts classes to a wide range of students from 3 – 45 years-old.


Price List For AAA Members:
Normal Class *Package(80mins): MOP1500/10 Classes
Normal Class Non-Package(80mins): MOP180/Each Class
Tomasz Class Price(90-120mins): MOP180/Each Class
*Package is available at the ground floor counter of Macau Design Centre( Travessa da Fabrica No. 5, Macau).
1. Package is valid for 3 months, can be shared by 2 AAA members.
2. Please register for classes in advance. For someone who join the class without register should pay for MOP 30 administration fee extra.
3. Cancellation of register should be made at least one day before if you cannot come, otherwise you have to pay for the class.

Price List For Non-AAA members:
Normal class(80mins): MOP200/Each Class
Tomasz class(90-120mins): MOP200/Each Class

Price List Of Private Class:
Normal Private Class: MOP 500/70mins (Can share between 1-2 people)
Tomasz Private Class: MOP 700/60mins (Can share between 1-2 people)

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