The 27th Macao Arts Festival – in MDC-Japanese Movie “CUT”

The 27th Macao Arts Festival – in MDC

Themed around “Time”, the 27th Macao Arts Festival (MAF) will fly under the slogan “Reshape Your Imagination. Experience the Spirit of the Times” and usher spectators into surmounting the restrictions of space and time, and enable them to appreciate the classics refined through history.

There will be orchestrated 27 fascinating programmers; Macau Design Centre will be screening the Japanese movie “CUT” on May 7th.


About Japanese Movie “CUT”

Iranian director Amir Naderi takes the struggle of an aspiring filmmaker to extremes in CUT, his first Japanese-language film. Hidetoshi Nishijima plays Shuji, an obsessive cinephile who relies on his brother’s financial support to fund his film-related activities. When his brother is killed by the yakuza, Shuji must repay his brother’s debt in two weeks, even if it means becoming a human punching bag to raise the money. Co-written by director Shinji Aoyama, Naderi’s violent homage to Japanese cinema is also a tribute to anyone who’s ever sacrificed anything for their passion.


The film received positive reviews in the 2011 Venice Film Festival and was screened four times; it also won the Best Actor and a special mention in the 26th Takasaki Film Festival, as well as the Best Director and Best Actor at the 21st Japanese Professional Movie Awards.


Date: 5/7 (Sat) 19:30

Venue: Macau Design Centre- Stage