“Keith Haring Maze Macao” Press Conference – Take a lead to experience the Pop Art trend

On 28th September 2018, the first ever “Keith Haring Maze Macao” will showcase at Hall F, Cotai Expo of The Venetian Macao, in order for the audiences to take a lead to experience the Pop Art from the world class legendary artist Keith Haring, the “Keith Haring Maze Macao” press conference will be held on 21st September 2018, at 3 p.m. in the Macau Design Centre organized by the event organizers, Chessman Production Ltd. Macau and the Macau Design Centre.


The site of the press conference is surrounded by the element of maze and color of Pop Art, to bring the audiences into a miracle artistic world. During the press conference, Mr. Lawrence Che, C.E.O. of Chessman Production Ltd. Macau first shared the idea and concept of the event, he mentioned that the whole event had been approved by Artestar, a New York-based licensing agency representing The Keith Haring Studio. The idea of maze was conceived by local Macau-based designers, combining artworks, maze and interactive devices, hoping to share the spirit of Keith Haring’s message of Love and Peace, to encourage people to be positive and live in the moment.


After that, Mr. Dirco Fong, C.E.O. of the Macau Design Centre introduced the Macau limited edition products for the event, to inherit the spirit of Keith Haring in which “art is for everybody”, to combine the artworks and daily necessaries, letting people to own artworks in daily life. Moreover, there will be a special edition CROZ D.I.Y. x Keith Haring Macao digital camera, produced by local Macau brand, Hyle Design. The series of CROZ camera had been awarded by many international design awards. Mr. Calvin Sio, the brand designer mentioned that it is very meaningful as this project provided chances for local brand to work with international organization to gain  more experience.


The “Keith Haring Maze Macao” will showcase at Hall F, Cotai Expo of The Venetian Macao between Sept 28th 2018 to Dec 31st 2018.

Tickets already started on sale on 14th September 2018, from 14th September 2018 until 27th September 2018, go to http://www.cotaiticketing.com and input promo code “BOCKHM18” (Cards acceptable: BOC Multi-Currency Credit Cards only), purchase Early Bird ticket will have chance to receive a limited offer t-shirt.


Online booking please visit Cotai Ticketing www.cotaiticketing.com.

For more information please visit event page https://www.facebook.com/keithharingmazemacao/

For further inquiries please contact Macau Design Centre  (+853) 2852 0335

or via email  [email protected]