This is my City 2015

Included on the THIS IS MY CITY 2015- The Creative Festival programme, the ‘TIMC Conference| CREATIVE ECONOMIES: THINKING, DEVELOPING, MAKING, and INVESTING will be the first of a sequence of conferences where a group of local and international, scholars and professionals are invited to discuss the local, and regional realities and challenges, with the aim of finding a set of potential guidelines on the approach towards the development of the creative industries. The event will showcase the testimonies of specific success cases within the local, regional,and international industry. This could be a first-hand learning opportunity for the local community, and might serve as an inspiration, as well as chance to create new partnerships between local and international parties with the aim of promoting commercial and institutional links that could improve the creative industries, taking advantage of the unique regional and historical characteristics of Macau.


The conference will be divided in 4 different panels under the following themes: Thinking, Developing, Making, and Investing.Thinking: Experts, scholars and professionals who dedicate their time and studies to the creative phenomenon under different perspectives will compose this panel. Developing: in this panel, representatives from different institutions that contribute to promote, or support in some way, the development of the creative economies through their intervention, will share their experiences, the challenges faced, the opportunities, the successes, and their institution’s visions, with the aim of giving an insiders picture of the so called creative economy ecosystem. Making: Panel composed by referred individuals from different professional backgrounds and disciplines, which develop their work and projects within the creative economy.


They will give a first hand testimony of the challenges faced while actuating on this complex ecosystem, the solutions found and a glimpse on the formula for their success.Investing: A panel of individuals or institutions that directly or indirectly invest on projects within the creative ecosystem, or individuals who through their work have to deal with such investors. The intent is to portray this complex relation between investment and creativity, which represent two major propelling economic forces.The panels will count with the presence of speakers from Macau, Hong Kong, China, and Europe.


The conference will be moderated by Arch. Marisa Yiu (ESKYIU, HK), and the keynote presentation will be made by Prof. Charles Landry, well known for having written the book ‘The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators’, and founder of the Creative City concept, which has now become a global movement to rethink the planning, development and management of cities. About Prof. Charles LandryCharles was born in 1948 and studied in Britain, Germany and Italy. In 1978 he founded Comedia, a highly respected globally oriented consultancy working in creativity, culture and urban change.


He has completed several hundred assignments for a variety of public and private clients and given key note addresses and workshops in over 55 countries across the continents including: Britain, Australia, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Korea, India, the USA, Albania, Croatia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, South Africa, Ecuador, Canada, the USA and Yemen.He has written several books including most recently a series of short, illustrated books, including: The Fragile City & the Risk Nexus with Tom Burke; The Sensory Landscape of Cities; The Origins and Futures of the Creative City and Culture & Commerce. He is best known for The Creative City: A toolkit for Urban Innovators (2000); The Art of City Making (2006); and The Intercultural City: Planning for Diversity Advantage with Phil Wood.