Macao Design Centre brings local designers to participate in “Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao Exchange” theme activities

Organized by the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Culture, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, the Cultural Industries Fund of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the Cultural Department of Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industries Office, the “2017 Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Cultural and Creative Industry Exchange Camp” was held in Hangzhou on April 15. The Macau Design Centre team was invited to participate along with two of its resident studios, including Cliffs Studio and the Hylé Design. At the same time, the exchange camp brought together about 30 people from Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao to mutually exchange ideas and share experiences.


On the opening day, April 15, the Ministry of Culture Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office Hong Kong and Macao Deputy Director Wang Qin introduced the basic situation for the exchange camp. Soon after, the Culture Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Office Deputy Director He Hongbin gave a welcoming speech, as well as Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture Deputy Vice Member Li Sha. After a self-introduction from each of the participants, the six-day exchange camp activities officially kicked off. Hong Kong and Macao members visited Hangzhou Creative Design Center, Hangzhou River Culture and Creative Park, Xixi Creative Industry Park, Dream Town, Wanli Lee Group, Zhejiang Zhongnan Cartoon Co., Ltd., Great Wall Television, LKK Rococo, Trojan Design Science and Technology, more than 10 well-known cultural and industrial parks and leading industry enterprises and institutions in Hangzhou, which gave the participants an in-depth understanding of the industry in Hangzhou. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the information industry, animation game industry, design services, modern media, education training industry, cultural tourism and leisure industry, cultural exhibition industry, etc., which was aimed to show the status of the development of these eight key industries and the creative operation of innovative enterprises in the mainland to provide a good reference experience for Hong Kong and Macao.


In addition to a series of visits, the exchange camp also organized the Zhejiang-Hong Kong and Macao cultural youth exchange seminar, culture and investment exchange seminar, exchange camp sharing and many other seminars. One of the most memorable exchange sessions was a symposium themed around the “new opportunities under the text of business operations” where a number of guests and well-known original design brand founders were invited to share their experiences on the development of cultural industries and business operations. At the symposium, the Chief Executive Officer of Macau Design Center Dirco Fong shared the prospects and objectives of the Macau Design Centre in Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao. Mr. Fong displayed the previous activities and exhibitions at the centre, and the works of the studios at MDC to show that the Macao-based Design Centre not only catered to the guests and members of MDC but also showcased Good Design from all over the world, especially Macao.
The “2017 Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Cultural and Creative Industry Communication Exchange Camp” narrowed the distance between Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao, and their traditional cultures collided with each other, complemented by new connections, and provided opportunities for the participating members to meet each other. For the purpose of future development and cooperation to establish a rare network platform, in the opening ceremony, Macau Design Centre, the Hangzhou Creative Design Center, and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth signed the “Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao Cultural Youth Exchange Alliance” cooperation agreement valid for the next three years. In the future, the Macau Design Centre will continue to explore the cooperation of cultural enterprises in Zhejiang and Hong Kong. We will continue to cultivate the concept of “Macao’s Good Design” and “Design of Macao”.

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